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NCSS 2014 - Psychol-a-palooza!

THANKS to the fantastic, dedicated folks at the NCSS Psychology community for another GREAT set of psychology sessions at the NCSS convention!

Below are a few notes from the sessions I was able to attend. Apologies to presenters who I wasn't able get to see.

As you can tell by the notes, NCSS is one of the best conferences psychology teachers can attend - thanks to all the presenters!

Friday 10:00, Hillary and Pete, Mindfulness Revolution

What is mindfulness? Being present in the moment, awareness, directed attention (we’d like this for our students!)

The opposite of mindfulness is thinking, judgment, multi-tasking - anything not relevant to what is happening here and now

Bio-psychology of mindfulness
Applications for mindfulness in the classroom
The Mindful classroom 

Keith Maddox Tufts University, 1:00 Friday “Discovering Bias: Challenges and Opportunities for Organizational diversity” 

Trying to translate lab research into practical implications

Who is biased
    GREAT implicit associations demonstration using slides without technology! REALLY effective
how bias affects us
    confirmation bias and attributional bias 
    stereotype threat
    attributional ambiguity
    potential strategies - we don’t want to be bias but we know we are 
                      DON’T try to be colorblind - not realistic
                      DON’T try suppression - will come back to haunt you
                      DO increase your awareness - make implicit processes explicit
                                        acknowledge, recognize, and strategize

Maria Vita: APA/TOPSS Psychology Standards: Deepening Scientific Inquiry & Literacy
See the whole presentation at - great use of wikispaces as a presentation tool!
·      Connections between the APA High School Psychology standards and the C3 framework – inquiry!
·      Examples:
o   movement feature detectors – sensation or perception?
o   Is everything lost when it comes to Alzheimer's or dementia?
o   What is life like with only one hemisphere?

Rob McEntarffer – Responsive psychology
Argument for using response systems to check for understanding
·      The index card test
·      Examples of response systems
o   Poll everywhere
o   Kahoot
o   Socrative
o   EdPuzzle
o   Plicker
o   Pear Deck

Charlie Blair-Broeker Memory:

remote associates test

in the old days, there were literally no resources, now there is a barrage

Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning McDaniel, Roediger
Opening Demo for memory unit – 107!
Deep processing task 
Moonwalking with Einstein: The art and science of remembering everything - Foer
Loftus constructed memory replication
All purpose memory demo

Alan Feldman and Rob McEntarffer - Reading Psychology
Conversations about books that might be interesting/useful for high school psychology teachers
  • Perry - Behind the Shock Machine
  • Haidt - The Righteous Mind
  • Eagleman - Incognito
  • Show and tell with Alan! 

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