Tuesday, February 3, 2015

James Randi and The Secrets of the Psychics

Back in the day, I had this video on VHS and have used it in a variety of ways, from a substitute lesson plan to using it as a prompt and evidence for essay writing on critical thinking.  I converted my VHS to DVD for personal use, by recently found it on YouTube.

I love James Randi and how he uses rationality and critical thinking to poke holes in the methods and claims of psychics.  This is a great addition to any intro to psychology class. In this documentary, he shows how magic can be used to recreate what people claim to do in the name of being psychic, palm reading, horoscopes, faith healing, and more.  Great stuff if you are a skeptic.

Additionally, for those who claim that psychics are real, direct them to his website, http://web.randi.org/.  He also has had the $1,000,000 challenge since the 1980s.  He will give a person that money IF s/he can scientifically demonstrate parapsychological powers.  To date, those who make claims do not take the challenge. To the few who do, they fail.  It is a classic "put up or shut up" scenario.

 posted by Chuck Schallhorn

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