Monday, February 2, 2015

List of Top Unethical Psychological Studies

Quick post this morning.

The usual suspects are here and Mental Floss has created a list of the most unethical psychological studies ever done.  The list also has several clips that can be found on YouTube.  There are overviews of the Zimbardo prison study, Milgram, Little Albert, Darley and Latane's research on bystander effect, Harlow and his monkeys, and more.  Could be a great handout or discussion starter about the ethics of research for students.

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DMA said...

Thank you for this link and video. So many of my students ask..."What happened to Little Albert?" and many cannot believe the results of Asch and Milgram's studies. Although they cannot be replicated by scientists/researchers--the power of a group over individual choices always amazes me and leads to great discussion with my high school students. Looking forward to sharing this. Thanks again!