Friday, May 1, 2015

Last Minute Prep ideas!

This idea came from
Julie Muskopf from Iroquois Senior High School - would be great to hear some responses (and maybe some of you could use them!)

"What are the essential last minute prep activities/reminders you plan on doing with your classes Monday morning before the AP test?"

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Nancy Diehl said...

I agree. We've paid attention to name changes so they don't look suprising (somotoform and fugue slight changes) and talked about binge eating and hoarding briefly. In looking at past AP questions asked about DSM, most of the questions would "hold" with DSM 5. Good luck all!

Ms. Shaver said...

My plan is to review some of the mnemonic devices we created at the beginning of the year and answer any last minute questions. I will then allow them to quiz each other with the set of Barron's flash cards I have in my classroom or have them use Quizlet. But by then it should be a very brief review!

Julie Muskopf said...

I am going over all of the FRQs so that they are not surprised by the format that appears. Also, sample questions. I try to make them feel as ease as possible.