Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ethics in Psychology: Elephants on Acid Gallery Walk Activity

Happy Saturday, everyone! 

I recently came across this interesting article and book entitled Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese. Using an idea that Ms. Allison Shaver (Plymouth South High School, Plymouth, MA) gave me a while back, I created a new activity for my class. Using her idea for a "Gallery Walk" - you can turn the article into short readings put around the room on the wall and have your kids read though them in a class period, synthesize the information they've read, and then rank the studies in relation to the studies ethical and/or unethical behaviors.  

Here's the activity write up. LINK TO ARTICLE AVAILABLE THERE. 

What studies do you like to highlight when discussing ethics? 

- Posted by Amy Ramponi 


Anonymous said...

Could you post a link to the article? It looks great! Thanks!

Amy Ramponi said...

Sure - there's a link to the article in the write up.

kpeterson said...

The link doesn't work. Looks like a great activity.

Amy Ramponi said...

Which link? I tried them all and they worked...can you be more specific?

kpeterson said...

Sorry it was my computer.

Amy Johnson Ramponi said...

:) No problem. You had me worried.