Sunday, September 13, 2015

Teaching Wundt's Research

Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt
I'm not a huge fan of TEACHING the history of psychology in the first days of class. There's no frame of reference for students and it just seems confusing to them. Structuralism? Functionalism? What? 

I recently came across this on Twitter and was very intrigued. It is a Psych Inquiry by Connie Varhagan of the University of Alberta. It is about a ten minute activity that can be used in explanation with Wundt's initial study on consciousness. It looks to test sensation and sensation/perception with cognition. The kids easily see the difference in their scores and hopefully have an "aha" moment.

Try it out here!

Has anyone used this in their psychology course to help teach the early foundations of psychology?

- Posted by Amy Ramponi 


Mary Donovan said...
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mvita said...

Thanks Amy! I like it!! I have had students JUMP at the sound of the bell and then JUMP when they THINK they heard the sound to show the difference in reaction times, but this is much more controlled! Thanks!