Thursday, November 5, 2015

Webcasts and Online Modules from APA/TOPSS
The fabulous folks at TOPSS/APA have done it again! They are making webcasts and online modules available for FREE teacher use! Check out this list!
  • Does that Psychology Demonstration REALLY work? (Rob McEntarffer - warning: you may not be able to stand this guy's voice for long :) 
  • Neuroethics and Neurotechnology (Eric Chudler - Neuroscience for Kids!) 
  • Research Methods, Measurement and Statistics (the great Stephen Chew! If we all listend to Dr. Chew more, all of us would actually KNOW how to study!) 
  • Key Points to Remember in Biopsychology
  • Classroom Activities in Biopsychology
Please comment when you find great things in these resources so that we can all share your joy! AND if you aren't a member of TOPSS, why not? They do great stuff!

posted by Rob McEntarffer

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