Friday, October 30, 2015

Help compile a resource of psychology podcast episodes

We need your help! In November at the NCSS Annual Conference Rob McEntarffer and I are presenting "Now Hear This," a look at using podcast episodes in introductory psychology classes. While I have collected a slew of them to share, I know there are many out there that YOU think are pretty great. So I created the Google Form below (and if it's not embedded, please click here to go to the form directly) to create a starting point to collect these resources.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • podcast episodes that you think would be good for a intro psych class, whether high school or college (note: it's better to suggest episodes rather than entire podcasts - for example, there are many episodes of This American Life which are excellent for this purpose, but not all of them)
  • why you like this podcast - what makes it compelling
  • where it fits in the curriculum (using the fourteen content areas from AP Psychology as a guide)
  • HOW to use podcasts - we are looking for a wide variety of ideas here
  • who you are - tell us who you are and how to get in touch with you

Please share these with us by Friday, November 6.
Following the NCSS conference, we will publish the compiled list for everyone to use as a resource and continue to add to! (Also, here is a list of all the psych-related presentations at NCSS.)

If you have questions, let me know ( Thanks!
--posted by Steve


Jerry O'Keefe said...

Check out the image in Psychiatric Times:

Jerry O'Keefe said...

Check out the image in Psychiatric Times:

sschullo said...

I just heard this one on Nov 4th on Re:sound on NPR. Connects to neuroscience, traumatic brain injury, personality, just to name a few. Enjoy!

Mrs. Sigvaldason said...

I cannot wait to see the list! I am hoping to be able to use some before the semester is up.