Friday, January 15, 2016

The History of Psychology Rating Game

Christopher Green (who provides us with the fantastic resource "Classics in the History of Psychology") and Shane Martin developed a game we can all play!

Here's Christopher's description of the game:

"Play is extremely simple: The player is shown a pair of significant individuals from the past and asked to click on the name of the person who had the greatest impact on the psychology. If the player needs to refresh his/her knowledge of the figures, there is a short description of their important career highlights, along with a link to their Wikipedia entry. As soon as the player clicks on one of the two names, s/he is shown a new pair to choose from.

Players can play the game for as long as they like, as often as they like, whenever they like. They can quit at any time (though they might find it a little addictive). At the bottom of the page, they will find "top ten” lists that have been compiled from the tens of thousands of choices that they and others have made. (Click on the “Ratings” menu tab and they’ll find the complete list of ranking, along with some specialized top ten lists, including one for women psychologists.)

As well as a game, this is also a research project for us: the PsyBorgs Digital History of Psychology Laboratory at York University in Toronto. When starting the game for the first time, the player is asked three optional demographic questions, and there is a consent form to be “ticked” if the player is willing to allow his/her data to be anonymously included in the research project"

 I played for a while and found it addictive! I ended up skipping many pairings b/c I wasn't familiar with either name, but I enjoyed seeing the match ups, and the "rankings" at the bottom are fascinating (complete list of rankings).

(NOTE: If your district has rules about students participating in research studies, you may want to tell them to NOT click the box to participate in the study and give consent)

Psychology's EloRater Game

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Kathleen Korbas said...

Sounds like fun! It would also be cool to have one based on studies. What was more influential: The Stanford Prison Experiment or Harlow's Attachment experiment?

Rob McEntarffer said...

Update from Christopher Green!

"Dear Friends,

You may recall that back in September I announced a new online game in which you and your students get to choose which people of the past have had the greatest impact on psychology. Now that we are well into a new semester, I am reminding teachers who whose students now know enough about the discipline of psychology that they will have grounded opinions about who has been most important.

You can find the game here:

Of the 400+ individuals included in our list, the current Top 10 are:
1. B. F. Skinner
2. William James
3. Sigmund Freud
4. Jean Piaget
5. Ivan Pavlov
6. John B Watson
7. Wilhelm Wundt
8. Charles Darwin
9. Albert Bandura
10. Harry Harlow"