Friday, January 1, 2016

12 Days of Psychology - Day 10: Nightmares vs. Night Terrors

Sadly, I don't spend as much time in the States of Consciousness unit at I'd (or my students) would like due to time. However, I always like to spend time on the disorders of sleep because they're so fascinating and students find them so relevant.

Narcoleptic dog

I absolutely love this article from Scientific American Mind on Nightmares and Night Terrors.  So many good pieces of information in here and kids can easily read it during class and have a great discussion on its contents.

Some of my other favorite sleep disorders links are:

Shaq and Sleep Apnea video

Diagnosing Narcolepsy video 

Sleep Disorders video 

Dangerous Dreamers - REM Behavior Disorder Psychology Today article 

Have a wonderful and restful New Year's Day. (I will need some REM recovery after staying up until 2 am, that's for sure.)

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