Thursday, December 31, 2015

12 Days of Psychology Class - Day 9: Cognitive Principles of Effective Teaching

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! Enjoy the night and have a class of champagne for me! (I have 2 bottles of San Pelligrino on reserve. Whoopee.)

If you're a #psychat fan or if you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I (and many of my fellow psychology teacher friends) have a certain fond affection for a wonderful friend to High School Psychology, Dr. Stephen Chew out of Samford Univeristy. Like many other teachers out there, I reference and show Dr. Chew's videos to my students who are often first-time AP-ers or who may struggle in a more-rigorous class like AP Psychology. The videos for students can be seen here .

Stephen L. Chew, PhD
Dr. Stephen L. Chew of Samford Univesity 

Did you know, however, that Dr. Chew has a new series of videos out for TEACHERS, attempting to translate the scholarship of teaching and learning in 5 "best practices" videos? The videos are linked from this site and are thanks to the American Psychological Association and the Educational Leadership Conference.

These videos are a quick watch, and might be an excellent way to recharge your battery and rethink your practice before heading back to school Monday.

Cheers for a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, and Wonderful 2016.

---Posted by Amy Ramponi

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