Monday, December 21, 2015

12 Days of Class Day 1: What Doesn't Belong Review

Happy December Everyone! I was thinking of making my New Year's Resolution "make more blog posts" but a number of factors might make that rather unlikely (such as transitioning to all AP Psych, all day...and getting it all in on a semester block, a baby arriving in April, and another resolution to actually make it to my book club which will require me to actually read the books.) But...I'm going to at least pound some out here in the 12 Days of Psychology...

My good friend Virginia Welle turned me on to a seriously good review technique. I love making them for most every unit - and I just made a new one for my Social Psychology review today in class and I thought I'd share it with the psychology teachers out there (who likely won't get to social psychology until April...sigh...). But anyway, here's how it works:

Kids get the sheet and have to reason which term/name/study/etc. DOES NOT BELONG with the other. I am constantly trying to teach my kids to review in ways OTHER THAN REREAD THEIR TEXT, NOTES, or MAKE MINDLESS I like these very much because it tests their metacognition. (Thanks Dr. Chew for turning me on to THAT term!)

Social Psychology - What Does Not Belong?

Do you make reviews like this? Don't you love them? Want to share with others? If so, email me and I can link them up to this blog.

A very happy holiday from the snowless "frozen tundra" of Wisconsin.

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