Monday, December 28, 2015

12 Days of Psychology Class, Day 6: OPL (Online Psychology Labroratory)

Helping students learn psychology

Fellow THSP Blogger Kent Korek featured the National Science Federation and the American Psychological Association's Online Psychology Laboratory in 2009 - but this site is so good it needs another post. There are numerous online studies that are actual RESEARCH that kids can take part in, from Implicit Bias tests to "Be a Juror" to the Stroop Effect.

Visit OPL here.

These activities could be great in the memory unit, social psychology, sensation and perception, or research.
It could also be a good activity to use if you have students doing independent research projects, science fair or psych fair projects, or if you're a SBG school and kids need to demonstrate advanced proficiency.

Still no snow here in the Frozen Tundra (which isn't so frozen) and the Ramponi's are out of coffee. Happy December 28th.

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