Sunday, June 26, 2016

Psychology Shopping: Megapost

Are you ready to do some shopping?  If so, below is a list of places you can find wonderful items for your own personal collection and/or your classroom.

Please be sure to add any places or ideas in the comments!


I will do a separate post on all of these at some point in the future, but here are a few pictures of my bookshelves-I can recommend nearly all of these; I have not gotten to all of them (and this is not even all my psych books)--sorry for the mess, I just recently moved:

Includes inversion goggles, activities, and many other resources

The THSP Psych Store--lots of possibilities

Lots of different brain models

Psychology Games

Psychology Jewelry--seriously, this is a thing!


iScore5 Psychology App

Psych Hero

Psychology Posters

Holstee Manifesto Poster 

If you can print out your own posters (and possibly have them laminated by your school), Pinterest has numerous possibilities:

From the APA, Classroom Posters--downloadable

Anatomical Prints
Skull Anatomy

Anatomy Warehouse
Spinal Nerves

Organs of the Ear

Brain Poster-$11

Brain Model

Brain Model with Arteries-$344

Giant Brain Model-$467

Teachers Discovery Store-Psychology Page

Social Studies dot com
They have a little bit of everything, but especially books and DVDs. They tend to be a bit more expensive

Cafe Press Psychology Jewelry

Cafe Press All Gifts

The Psychology Shop
for lots of different ideas including Jung and Freud finger puppets--don't even think about commenting on this one
Freudian Slippers

Zazzle Psychology Gifts

Etsy Psychology Gifts

Sniffy the Virtual Rat (Lite Version)

Again, if I have missed anything, please leave a note in the comments or email me at 

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