Thursday, June 30, 2016

Substantial Psychology Paper Assignment

Earlier in the summer, Eric Castro, one of our exceptional San Francisco Psychology teachers wrote
on a listserv a project he was working on for his social science department. That list is pretty inactive, so I wanted to post his request here.

Here is the request Eric posted:
In response to Steve Jones' and David Lane's questions, I've published what prompted my original solicitation:

The short version is that my Social Science department has surveyed and interviewed eight constituencies about our course offerings and curriculum: grammar school teachers, 9th graders, 12th graders, other departments at our own school, recent alumni, other high schools, college professors, and employers around the San Francisco Bay Area. From those has emerged two needs: greater ethnic and cultural diversity across our course offerings, and better preparation for college-level research and writing.

Eric Castro 
Social Science Faculty 
St Ignatius College Prep, San Francisco

Please post your ideas and feedback in the comments.

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