Friday, August 18, 2017

Indiana Students and Teachers of Psychological Science Conference

Amanda Harmon of Zionsville Community High School shared this with the blog about the ISTOPS Conference at the end of September. Below are screenshots from their wonderful web site and a link to register. Marion University is a small, private university in Indianapolis, Indiana and was a wonderfully beautiful campus. If you are in Indiana, western Ohio, Eastern Illinois, or Northern Kentucky, I'd make the drive. They have a great program set up.

posted by Chuck Schallhorn


juleeln said...

Found out I was teaching Psychology 2 days before school started. I am a new teacher on top of that. (Biology)

Found your blog doing "research". So much info. Very overwhelming. Where do you suggest I start?

I live in Indiana My try and check out the conference,


Chuck Schallhorn said...

Jule, are you teaching regular or AP Psych? Feel free to contact me via email.