Sunday, August 13, 2017

Organized Collection of Articles From Maggie May

Today we have a guest blogger, Maggie May.

Here is her introduction:

Hi! My name is Maggie May and I've been teaching AP Psychology and Honors Psychology at Villa Joseph Marie High School in Holland, PA for four years. I have my Bachelor's degree in History with a 7-12 Social Studies Teaching Certificate from West Chester University and recently graduated from La Salle University with my Master's degree in Education. I am excited for the 2017-2018 school year which will mark my fifth year teaching psychology. I am especially "psyched" to be adding an "Introduction to Psychology" elective course to my schedule. In addition to psych I am a lover of all things history -- so far I've taught American History, American Government, and Principles of Sociology. I hope you find this compilation of psychology articles/video links/Ted talks to be helpful as we all plan to head back to school!

Link to her Google Doc that compiled the set of articles posted in the AP Psych Facebook Group over the past year. This is an incredible resource for those who like to go beyond the textbook for making connections to the "real world."

Thank you, Maggie!!!

posted by Chuck Schallhorn


Unknown said...

Hi Maggie! I'm Rob McEntarffer from Lincoln. NE. Thanks for the guest post and thanks for the great resource!

Robert Rhone said...

Great resource. I'm having students create a google doc as a class this year. I populated with all of the "Before you move on" questions from the text and they are populating it with hper links in the text of the questions to helpful and interesting articles and videos that relate. They love doing it and everyone in class gets to see what other people are finding while researching and exploring psych content online. I'm totally copying this doc and sharing it with them, THANKS!

Unknown said...

great idea Robert!