Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Social Psych Review Activity

A belated Happy Holidays and a bright and merry 2018 to you! We had a great holiday here in the frigid Midwest and I even got to visit a frigid New York City for the holidays and see a dear "Psychology Friend" (those are the best kind of friends, btw.)

George Arthur visits NYC!
Maria and I eat cupcakes at Grand Central!

But seriously, back to the topic at hand. One of the great things about teaching psychology and AP psychology at my high school (Kimberly High School in Kimberly, Wis.) is that I have a great colleague, Mike Heling, who has some pretty creative and unique activities and reviews. He comes up with some seriously good stuff. (Many of you know Mike from the AP reading. He says, "Hi" and that I can not post his picture here.)

Since we're on the semester block schedule, we're DONE with content and in full-blown review mode. The other day, Mike came up with this GREAT Social Psychology review that I wanted to share with you all. It was funny, fun, interactive, and a great practice for FRQ scenarios that may get tossed at kids on exam day.

I thought this was a great activity and my kids had a blast! Here's a Google Drive link to his activity! (Note: the terms you can use does not have to be this list - I merely copied a term list I had from a Learning Target/Term sheet I give out at the beginning of the chapter. You can pick and choose which terms you'd like for the review.)

Wishing you all the best in 2018.

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