Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Famous Psychologists in the AP Psychology Acorn Book

The new revision (May 2010/May 2011) of the AP Psychology Course Description Book, commonly called the "Acorn Book", includes listings of important psychologists. In the past, many of the names were embedded within the content description. This time there are many more names and they are listed as part of a learning objective at the end of each topic description.

I've created a PDF document that lists all of the important names by units. The document can be downloaded at If your school's blocking system will not allow access to the 4Shared website, please look through the comments to this posting to see if anyone has uploaded the document on their website. Unfortunately, I am limited to six documents on my school's website.

For more information on the new Acorn Book go to the May 29th posting on this blog at


Mr. Cantor said...

This is really nice. Thank you.

FTCE test said...

Good job. These are really useful links. Thanks for the post. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get 4shared to work :(