Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mental-new show on Fox

I watch quite a bit of television, but I try to find shows that can assist me in illustrating concepts in my psychology classes. Of course, this last spring, "Lie to Me" was my new favorite.

I have a new summer favorite, "Mental" on Fox (Tuesday nights). It is an hour-long drama that deals with the life and in-hospital exploits of an unusual therapist who changes things up and questions the status quo for treatments as the new director in a psychiatric ward (who has a schizophrenic sister). You can watch episodes at:

In the first four episodes, he deals with grief-induced catatonia, schizophrenia, fictitious pregnancy (by proxy), childhood bipolar disorder, along with a variety of treatments to assist patients-while avoiding psychopharmaceuticals. While I agree that this is modeled after House, M.D., I still like it--the main character is engaging and tries to get into the heads of his patients, rather than treating them as a diagnosis and then letting the psych techs deal with them. Very Humanistic in his treatment style. There are episodes available online at the site as well as

No, I am not getting kickbacks from Fox on this one :-D
I just really like the show.

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