Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YouTube EDU and iTunes U

Dave Waltman, one of our AP Psych colleagues in Western New York is quite the tech guru. In addition to teaching psych, he is also a techie with his own tech blog called "TechnoCoach."

In March, 2009, he told us of his experience with YouTube EDU at this post.

A few short months later, there are more than 300 entries using the search term "psychology."

In addition to University of California-Berkeley, Yale, Harvard, and other universities have placed lectures and interviews onto both YouTube EDU as well as the regular YouTube site.

iTunes U also offers video and audio options. Just within psychology, there are 90 offerings with multiple resources. Open university offers substantial content. Others offer speakers corners and faculty forums. Some courses even offer transcripts of their content. There appears to be so much content on iTunes U that I could probably spend the next ten years focusing solely on learning from this site/application.

Whether we are viewing for our own learning or finding resources for our students, both these resources are fantastic sources that we did not have even five years ago.

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