Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mapping the Brain--Brain Atlas Project

Wired Magazine posted an article back in 2009 that touted a full atlas project of the human mind explaining that the Allen Brain Institute for Brain Science were examining the brain gene by gene.  More than the information, the pictures were what struck me some of the images--clean and graphic--and beautiful.

Within the article, there is a hour-long video by Jonah Lehrer (of Frontal Cortex Blog fame) explaining the mind.  It's a great resource for background or as a supplemental project for your biology-based students.

Check it out--you'll be glad you did.

posted by Chuck Schallhorn

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Rob Mc said...

Great idea Chuck and I love the pictures you chose. I'd use those with kids right before lunch :) I think I have that same breadknife . . .