Monday, February 14, 2011

Mind Lab from Japan Science and Technology Agency

I was doing some spring cleaning of my computer and rediscovered this gem in my email box. The site is called Mind Lab.  Here is the "Internet Scout Report" write up of this very cool site:

How do we perceive the outside world? How is our consciousness connected to the world? These are all important questions, and the JST Virtual Science Center in Japan is intimately concerned with such matters. This media-rich site takes interested parties on a journey to "explore the unconscious functions of the brain with visual illusions and mysterious perceptual phenomena." The site contains four interactive sections, including "Illusion of an Uninterrupted World" and "Visual Interpretation of the Physical World". Each of the sections features a brief narrated overview of the selected topic and then visitors can take part in 16 different "trials". These "trials" allow users to experience "visual phenomena and illusions used for study in psychological experiments." One can easily envision that this site could be used in an introductory college-level psychology course or another related discipline.
Take the time to examine each of the four modules.  If you need an independent project for your at-home students or some excellent demos for a few key S&P concepts, check out this site.

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