Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 APA/Clark University Workshop!

Seven years ago, the generous Dr. Lee Gurel made a generous donation to the APF (American Psychological Foundation) and Clark University to found the annual APA/Clark University workshop for high school psychology teachers (If you're interested in more information about Dr. Gurel and this gift to high school psychology teachers, check out the summary on the APA site). I got to work with the first group of Clark workshop psychology teachers and it is one of the best professional development experiences I've been involved in. The Clark campus is an incredible place for a high school psychology teacher: their archives are some of the best in the country - Freud visited Clark in 1909 and the university maintains maintains an impressive collection of artifacts from this trip and other significant artifacts important in the history of psychology (G. Stanley Hall's desk!). The Clark psychology faculty is committed to helping high school teachers understand current research trends.

The 2011 APA/Clark workshop will be a great experience. Our own Steve Jones (one of the co-authors of this blog - congrats Steve!) and Kristin Whitlock (one of the "rubric masters" at the AP Psychology Reading and psychology teacher-extraordinaire from Utah) will be presenting at the workshop. They will do a great job and you will receive a remarkable amount of activities/demonstrations/great ideas for your classroom. You can read about other details of the workshop (including a link to application materials and information about scholarships) on the APA site.

This year's conference will run from July 11-13 and the application deadline is April 15th. If you can go, you should try to go. You and your students will benefit for years from your professional learning experiences at Clark.

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Mrs. Welle said...

I went to Clark last year - GREAT experience. Too bad I won't get the chance to see Steve this year, though! I highly recommend it. :)

Mr. Donner said...

I highly recommend anyone attending this conference. Great speakers, great ideas, and the best part, the APA treats you like a king!

Miss Dryer said...

I just received confirmation that I will be going this year! I am so excited--and thankful that I saw this advertised here at Teaching High School Psychology! Thank you for advertising this--I can't wait!