Saturday, November 5, 2011

How do you use THSP?

(A THSP meta-cognitive moment.)
 You know who you are: you're a THSP user. That's right, just like some people use PCP or LSD or even THC, you are a THSP. What is THSP? It's this blog of course - Teaching High School Psychology. What we want to know is this: how do you use this resource?

I am delighted that three of the moderators - Rob, Kristin and myself - are going to be presenting at the National Council for the Social Studies conference next month about how our fellow psychology teachers are using the information shared here in your classrooms. We have a lot of empirical data already - we know the number of hits that we get, our most popular posts, the countries in which our readers are located - but we'd like to add some stories from actual users like you. (No, you don't need to begin with "Hello, my name is John, and I am a THSP-oholic...")

So: please either post your thoughts in the comments below, or send me a note privately ( Please be sure to include your school, the subject(s) that you teach, and whether we can use your name. I would love to have all of your comments by Tuesday, 11/ 8. Thanks so much for reading our blog!

--posted by Steve


Anonymous said...

Finding THSP was great!! As a working mother of two young kids, I never had the time to search out the "extra" stuff that makes psych so interesting to students. THSP provides so many interesting links, videos, articles, etc. I use it almost daily in my planning now!
Lauren in Maryland

Psyched2Knit said...

I love the site. I have been able to tell kids about stuff on t.v. that I wouldn't have known, and read articles that have expanded my knowledge base. In a pinch, I have searched on the topic that I was teaching, and found the site to be a great resources for websites, readings and videos. I really look forward to every update.

Thanks so much!!!

Belmont, MA

Rob Mc said...

Thanks for the comments, Lauren and Debbie! (and I just noticed the "meta-cognitive moment" caption on the photo - funny!)

henrycj said...

I just found THSP this morning and I love it. I teach Developmental Psychology in Saskatchewan and resources on the ground can be pretty thin, especially for my rural students. There are so many links and ideas that i can use. Thanks!