Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Psych Songs!

Our topic in psychology club this morning was "Brains!" One of our great club members asked me if I'd heard "Phineas Gage: A Song" on youtube and I said "No, but I need to!" As far as I can tell, the song is not only catchy, it's pretty accurate! (although I never heard the detail about a tea cup full of brains?)

The song reminds me of the only other direct psych-concept to song translation: "John Lee Supertaster" by one of my favorite bands, They Might be Giants (that youtube clip isn't a great version of the song - the lyrics might be more useful)

Does anyone know any other "direct" connections between songs and psych concepts? Please chime in in the comments!

(PS: If you have kids, I think the They Might be Giants kids albums are a must-have. Great music that are perfect for little ears. The science album is my favorite :)

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posted by Rob McEntarffer


Mrs. Amy Ramponi said...

Not off hand, but a student of mine had to do a Project-Based Learning style project with the learning target of "Explain the parts and the functions of a neuron" and she made a cd with song that related to what the parts of a neuron do...it was pretty cool. I will have to take a closer look at it!

Rob Mc said...

That would be fun to hear, Amy, if your student is OK with sharing the song? Maybe we could put it some place that other psych teachers could hear it?

Amber said...

Here's a website I found