Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Neuroscience Video Resource

One of my long favorite sources for videos has been, a site by the Annenberg Foundation that allows registered users to stream a variety of videos from a diverse set of topics.  I posted this blog back in 2009 to highlight some previous episodes available--I am reposting below.

Annenberg Media has a new offering for psychology teachers in 2012--a video course in the history of and how to better understand neuroscience called, "Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections."  While I obviously love the "making connections" pun, I am looking forward to updating my knowledge of the brain and behavioral neuroscience.  Based solely on the descriptions, they appear to be very interesting.  The few I've watched are relatively dry, but extremely good for those of us learning or reviewing some basic content.  They seem to be much shorter and helpful for teachers--only some are for high school students--preview and see if you can use them.  The videos also contain closed captioning.

If neuroscience is a challenge for you, this site is a must!
Direct Link to the Video Series


From Annenberg Media
Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

The World of Abnormal Psychology (caution, this used 1992 DSM-III diagnoses)

The Mind: Teaching Modules

The Brain: Teaching Modules

Seasons of Life (development)

Growing Old in a New Age
Death: A Personal Understanding

From PBS

Dying to Be Thin

Life's Greatest Miracle

Ape Genius

PBS Frontline Viewing Portal--for all shows

Inside the Teenage Brain

The Merchants of Cool

American Experience--Jonestown and others

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