Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rho Kappa - High School Social Studies Honor Society!

Way back in the last century when I was involved with the TOPSS board, several folks in that organization did quite a bit of work to get a high school psychology honor society started. There are active 2 and 4 year psych. honor societies (Psi Beta and Psi Chi). These organizations sponsor conferences, awards, and Psi Chi's Journal of Undergraduate Research is a well respected, peer reviewed publishing opportunity for undergraduate research.

The idea of a high school psychology honor society (the working code name was "psi alpha") never gained traction within the structure of the APA. However, NCSS recently announced a high school social studies honor society: Rho Kappa. There aren't many details on the website yet, but it sounds to me like this could definitely be an "umbrella" organization that a high school psychology honor society could fit under.

Anyone out there interested in starting a psych. honor society? Does anyone have one already? If you're interested, I'm pretty sure the folks in charge of the NCSS Psychology Community would be VERY interested in talking to you about Rho Kappa!

posted by Rob McEntarffer

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