Monday, October 6, 2014

Crash Course Psychology videos - with reflection questions!

Does anyone use the Crash Course Psychology videos? I'm pretty impressed with them:

One limitation is that they move pretty fast, which gave me the idea that the videos may benefit from reflection/ "check for understanding" questions during the video. I learned about an online resource called "EdPuzzle" which allows you to add questions to a video (and you can get student responses to questions, etc.) I'm slowly working my way through the videos, adding questions. 

Video 1: Intro (history and perspectives)
Video 3: Neural structure and function
Video 4: Brain structure and function

I hope these are useful to someone - I think I'll keep working my way through them, and I'll add the links here as I get them done (bookmark this post if you'd like to keep track of it?) Please respond in the comments section if you use these Edpuzzle videos or have other ideas about how to use the Crash Course videos.
posted by Rob McEntarffer


B.Sterling said...

Thanks so much! I will make use of these for sure.

mariavita said...

LOVE THIS! Interpolated testing! According to Daniel Schacter, of Harvard - questions/quizzes throughout a lesson reduces mind wandering! THIS IS A GREAT EXAMPLE FOR THAT! THANKS. Just joined the "ED Puzzle" site, so students' efforts can be "tracked"

Jill said...

Thank you for doing this!!

Victoria Taylor said...

I recently discovered Edpuzzle as well. I would like to thank you so so much. It is a great resource just do not have the time to put questions in. again THANK YOU!!!!

Nicole Beck said...

These videos are great! Is there a way to link to the videos where you embedded questions? I tried and I just get directed to the site but not your videos.

Emily Checketts said...

These are amazing!!! Thank you for putting in all that work, they will help tremendously!