Friday, January 30, 2015

Practicing the Methods of Psychology

Over the years, when working with students about the methods of psychology, there is way too much confusion.  As a result, I made this sheet to make the ideas more basic and created this first practice before I get into actual descriptions of case studies that describe real research.
The original Word version can be found here. By all means, let me know if I have made an error on the key or in an explanation.

Practicing the Methods of Psychology

1.      Case Study
2.     Interview
3.     Naturalistic Observation
4.     Laboratory Observation
5.     Survey
6.     Ψ’l Tests (psychological tests-I encourage my kids to learn "notehand" with their own abbreviations)
7.     Correlation Studies
8.    Experiment

Best Method
1.      I seek lots of data in order to make predictions

2.      I am used best when combined with other methods since all I can do is offer insights based upon perceptions
3.      I find out cause and effect

4.      I may be the most famous since you take fake versions of me on social media
Psych tests
5.      I get to ask lots of people the same questions and gather the data to reach general conclusions
6.      I find one individual and do intensive work on them

case study
7.      I like to people watch and take notes—but I do this in the habitat of my subjects where they cannot see me
naturalistic observation
8.      I examine people in situations that I get to manipulate, but I cannot determine cause and effect
laboratory observation
9.      My goal is to obtain as much information on one person in order to gain insights that I can use to better understand the person
case study
10.  An example of me is when I put people in a room and make it look like there is a fire so I can see how they react
laboratory observation
11.  Sometimes when I use this method, people may think of me as a nosy reporter
12.  Every semester, students ask their psych teachers if they can give an IQ test to see how “smart” they are.  Little do they know is that IQ is only the beginning of me
psych tests
13.  I have the greatest level of control in my method—my method is the toughest to do, but is very important
14.  I am all about how strong relationships are—but I am never outside of negative one to positive one
15.  Once you know how to use my method, you will probably not get bored waiting in line at the grocery store or any other public place
naturalistic observation
16.  I am the method used when studying little children in developmental psychology—I can set up situations to see how the kids react—ask the teacher about the marshmallow study
laboratory observation
17.  I am the King of research methods, but because people are so complex, it is often difficult to use me
18.  When I say “there is a link” between two ideas, people often misunderstand and assume the link is causal—it’s not

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Anonymous said...

I already commented on a previous post about the confusion between measurements and designs. Here is how Gary Bouma presents them.


Chuck Schallhorn said...

Thanks Denis. At the intro level, I have not seen that distinction made. I appreciate the info. Will check into it more.

Mary Jane Princton said...
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