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Upcoming Psychology Conferences

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I have permission from Emily Leary to share this information with you.  Here are some upcoming conferences that contain some incredible professional development. If you can go, please do, you will make some great connections and learn some valuable lessons.

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Eastern Psychological Association

March 5–7, Philadelphia
This year's invited speakers include:
  • Irving Kirsch, PhD, Harvard Medical School, "The Emperor's New Drugs: Informing the Public about the Hidden Data."
  • Eric Landrum, PhD, Boise State University, "Undergraduate Psychology Education and our Collective Legacy at Risk."
  • Scott Lilienfeld, PhD, Emory University, "Psychopathic Personality: Scientific Consensus, Scientific Controversy."
  • Robert Kurzban, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, "On Having the Willpower to Abandon the Resource Account of Willpower."
  • Kirk Heilbrun, PhD, Drexel University, "The Technology of Psychology: Where Are We and Where Do We Go From Here?"
  • Daniel Wagner, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, "Learning as a Psychological Concept, and as an International Policy Goal: Shared Meanings, Shared Actions?"
  • Justin Harris, PhD, University of Sydney, Australia, "The Laws of Conditioning: Doing Time for Guilt by Association."
  • Art Markman, PhD, University of Texas, "Exploration and Exploitation: A Journey from the Lab to the World."
  • Tracey Shors, PhD, Rutgers University, "Mental and Physical Skill (MAP) Training: A Neurogenesis-Inspired Intervention that Enhances Health in Humans."
  • Bill Fifter, PhD, Columbia University, "Early Origins: Neurobehavioral Development in the Fetus and Newborn."

Southeastern Psychological Association

March 18–21, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Highlights from the SEPA meeting include:
  • Deborah Best, PhD, Wake Forest University, "Culture and Socialization of Gender."
  • Steve Kass, PhD, University of West Florida, "Driver Attention: Findings and Future Directions."
  • Scott Lilienfeld, PhD, Emory University, "50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology."
  • Marilyn Carroll, PhD, University of Minnesota, is the APA 2015 Distinguished Scientist Lecturer.
  • Dawn M. Szymanski, PhD, University of Tennessee, is the CEPO Invited Speaker on Heterosexism and Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Persons' Psychosocial Health.
  • Jordan Troisi, PhD, Sewanee: The University of the South, is the Society for the Teaching of Psychology's Invited Speaker, "Navigating the Life of the Mind (Together): A Scholarly Look at Pedagogy, Relationships, and the Intersection of the Two."
  • Peter Giordano, PhD, Belmont University, the Psi Chi Distinguished Lecturer, "Identity Development in College Students: Can Random Comments Change Lives?"
  • Tara Collins, PhD, Winthrop University, the Psi Chi Invited Speaker, "Toward a More Comprehensive Understanding of ‘In-Between' Sexual Orientations."
At the SEPA 2015 conference, there will also be an APA Academic Career Workshop, as well as multiple continuing-education workshops.

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association

April 8–11, Boise, Idaho
Among this year's highlights are:
  • Erin Bigler, PhD, Brigham Young University, is the Distinguished Lecturer.
  • Charles Honts, PhD, Boise State University, will deliver the Past President's Address.
  • Brian A. Nosek, PhD, University of Virginia, will deliver the Presidential Address.
  • William Douglas Woody, PhD, University of Northern Colorado, will deliver the Second Annual RMPA Alumni Address.
  • David Myers, PhD, Hope University, is the invited diversity speaker.
  • Lori James, PhD, University of Colorado, is the G. Stanley Hall Lecturer.
  • Stan Coren, PhD, is the Gardner Memorial Lecturer.

Southwestern Psychological Association

April 10–12, Wichita, Kansas
With a convention theme of "Myth Meets Science," invited speakers will explore ways their research uses the scientific method to debunk myths. Speakers include:
  • Scott Lilienfeld, PhD, Emory University, "Distinguishing Science from Pseudoscience in Psychology: Implications for Everyday Life."
  • Norbert Schwarz, PhD, University of Southern California, "The Challenge of Debunking Myths: When Weird Ideas Feel True."
  • Regan A.R. Gurung, PhD, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, "Wearing Our Personalities? Examining Clothing Myths, Impression Formation and Objectification."
  • Travis Langley, PhD, Henderson State University, "The Filter of Fiction: How Batman, Buffy, Breaking Bad, and More Teach Real Psychology."
  • Heather Berlin, PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, "The Neuroscience of Free Will: Legal Implications."
  • Baba Brinkman: Canadian rap artist Baba Brinkman is best known for his award-winning hip-hop theatre shows, including "The Rap Guide to Evolution" and The "Canterbury Tales Remixed," which interpret the works of Darwin and Chaucer for a modern audience. He will perform an educational rap on myths in evolutionary psychology.
SWPA affiliate programming includes:
  • Southwestern Teachers of Psychology: Stephen Chew, PhD, Samford University, "The Tragedy of Teaching Psychology: The Slaying of Ugly Facts by a Beautiful Myth."
  • Society for Applied Multivariate Research: John Bardo, PhD, Wichita State University, "The Myths of Economic Development: Reshaping a regional economy on university-based innovation."
  • Psi Chi: Pamela Keel, PhD, Florida State University.

Midwestern Psychological Association

April 30–May 2, Chicago
The Midwestern Psychological Association Meeting will feature papers, posters, workshops and discussion sessions from researchers across the Midwest and around the world. This year's invited speakers include:
  • John B. Pryor, PhD, Purdue University, MPA Presidential Address.
  • Susan T. Fiske, PhD, Princeton University, Psi Chi Distinguished Lecture.
  • Michael J. Dougher, PhD, University of New Mexico, APA G. Stanley Hall Lecture.
  • Roy Baumeister, PhD, Florida State University.
  • Brian A. Nosek, PhD, University of Virginia.
  • Nora S. Newcombe, PhD, Temple University.
  • Ken A. Paller, PhD, Northwestern University.
  • Charles S. Carver, PhD, University of Miami.
The following speakers will also offer research methods and statistics workshops:
  • John Spencer, PhD, University of Iowa, on modeling using dynamic neural field theory.
  • W. Joel Schneider, PhD, Illinois State University, on practical psychometrics.
  • Charles S. Reichardt, PhD, University of Denver, "How to Be a Brilliant Researcher."
  • Matthew S. Fritz, PhD, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, "Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Models."

Western Psychological Association

April 30–May 3, Las Vegas
The 2015 convention program will feature more than 30 distinguished speakers and invited symposia in addition to the Terman Teaching Conference on April 29, statistics workshops, the WPA film festival and presentations by WPA members. Among the highlights are:
  • Jodie Ullman, PhD, California State University, San Bernardino, will deliver the WPA Presidential Address.
  • Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, PhD, of the University of Delaware, will give the APA Distinguished Scientist Lecture.
  • David Funder, PhD, of the University of California, Riverside, will be the Psi Chi Distinguished Speaker on the International Personality Project.
  • Michael Twohig, PhD, Utah State University, will give the E.E. Jones Clinical and Psychotherapy Research Award Address.
  • Philip Zimbardo, PhD, of the Heroic Imagination Project will give a presentation on the topic of "The Secret Powers of Time in Your Life."
WPA Award Addresses will be delivered by:
  • Peter Bentler, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, (Life Achievement).
  • Eugene Wong, PhD, California State University, San Bernardino (Teaching).
  • Jason T. Siegel, PhD, Claremont Graduate University (Early Career Research).
  • Allen M. Omoto, PhD, Claremont Graduate University (Social Responsibility).

New England Psychological Association

Oct. 9–10, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
The NEPA 2015 annual meeting will be held at Fitchburg State University. The NEPA program continues to develop but is off to a great start with Bernard Beins, PhD, as the NEPA Distinguished Contribution Award Speaker. As always, NECTOP will meet the day before NEPA at the same location and will have Eric Landrum, PhD, as one of the keynote speakers. The NEPA meeting will include Psi Chi programming. Please visit the NEPA website at for more detailed information on submission deadlines for both conferences.

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