Monday, May 4, 2009

Make a Personal Psychology Review (MAPPR)

One of the very first postings on this blog included information on Michael A. Britt's where, if you dig down deep enough, you will find what might possibly be a look at the next generation of concept maps.

While in the very early stages of development, the technique called "Make a Personal Psychology Review" (MAPPR), looks extremely promising. The method starts with a standard concept map of a typical unit in an introductory psychology course. Students can then click on any concept or number of concepts on the map and hear a definition and in some cases, an example for each of the terms.

To date, only the Research Methods unit and Learning unit have been mapped out. I am hoping in time, the other units will be added. For more information go to

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mbritt said...

Thanks for mentioning the MAPPR program! I've been doing a lot of work on it recently and it now contains concept maps and audio definitions for a total of 5 chapters (Research, Learning, Bio, Psychhotherapy and Disorders). I expect to put up a map and audio for Personality next week, with Developmental and Social to come soon after.

I hope students discover the MAPPR - I think it can be a helpful study tool

Thanks again for the mention and the link!