Monday, September 21, 2009

Brain Salt and Pepper Shaker

Looking for a way to "spice up" that lecture on the brain? (I am really, really sorry. I just could not help it.) Propaganda has created a ceramic salt and pepper shaker shaped like the brain.

You will find the set for sale at a multitude of online websites, but Think Geek appears to have the best deal at $9.99 plus shipping. Either go to or do a search for "brain salt and pepper shaker" for other retailers.

Thanks to the NCSS Psychology Community September Newsletter for this idea. Find out more about the Psychology Community at


Nick@saltandpeppergrinders said...

It is amazing how many designs there are when it comes to novelty salt and pepper shakers and how creative those who come up with the ideas are. I wonder what gave them the idea for this model?

Rob Mc said...

Wow - no offense, but that is the most specific email address/username I've ever seen.