Sunday, September 20, 2009

The DNA of Picky Eaters

The July 21st episode of Nova ScienceNOW included a segment on taste entitled "The Science of Picky Eaters" which detailed how children may be predisposed to like or not like certain foods. The segment goes into detail regarding the basics of taste and how DNA may influence one's taste preferences.

The 12:45 segment can be played or purchased from the show's website at The website also includes a teacher's guide for the show with a classroom activity involving PTC paper, a complete transcript of the segment, audio interactive segments, additional video clips and a FAQ page.

A special thanks to Russell Hoffman, Psy.D., School Psychologist at SAR High School in the Bronx, NY whose initial message on the AP Psychology Electronic Discussion Group provided the impetus behind this posting.

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Steve said...

Just one addition to an excellent post: you can also download the segment at the link above. There are many sources these days for streaming video but relatively few allow you to (legally) download video to use in the classroom. This allows you to have the video and to show it in a classroom without having to worry about the stability of your Internet connection and also to save it to use again in the future.