Thursday, November 5, 2009

Awareness Test Video Clips

I love my students. I share one thing with them and they share several videos back with me.

This also shows how a good idea/principle can be taken from psychology and used in a variety of contexts. Perhaps Watson really began something when he left psych and went into advertising.

A clip of the original awareness test--"a visual attention experiment conducted by Becklen and Cervone(1983) to show that the human mind has its limits. There is only so much the brain can process at a particular time and it must be selective in what it chooses to filter."

Awareness test #1 (moonwalking gorilla--cycling awareness ad)

Awareness test #2 (a Clue-like set that has 21 changes--cycling awareness ad)

Awareness test #3 (football and cheerleader) used as an ad for The Mentalist on CBS

A spoof of the awareness tests with an ad for shoe lifts.
As a side note, I will use this as an example of how they might miss my instructions or an announcement from another teacher about an upcoming exam. This mental filter is great for illustrating schemas as well as selective perception.

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