Monday, November 2, 2009

NASA's Cognition Lab

NASA's Cognition Lab has developed five memory activities for its website. Each is extremely interactive and some include sound files.

Either click on any of the graphics below or, for a complete listing, go to

Everyday life goes by so fast --but does it go so fast that you can't even remember what a real penny looks like?

We all use them!�� Learn how mnemonic devices help you remember -- then make your own personalized mnemonic devices!

How well can you remember a list of words?� Learn about factors that affect your performance, and read a brief explanation of how memory works!

Can you recite the numbers back after hearing various kinds of interference?� Learn about how the mind works when something interferes with your short-term memory!

After seeing words or pictures or hearing sound, see how much of it you can remember!

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