Monday, January 9, 2012

How to get the most out of studying - Dr. Stephen Chew

Dr. Stephen Chew from Samford University is a good friend to High School Psychology: Former AP Psychology reader, and he is very generous about sharing resources and news on several list serves.

A while back he posted a series of very clear and effective (to me) youtube videos that explain important connections between cognitive psychology and student learning. There are piles and piles of advice (good and bad) about "how to be a better student," but Dr. Chew's videos very quickly get to practical advice that is supported by cognitive psych research. These may not be the most exciting videos students ever receive, but they might be some of the most useful!

I recommend starting with the first video and then picking and choosing where to go next. The first video covers 4 mistaken beliefs and will help set the stage for students before watching the rest of the videos. The 4 mistaken beliefs:
1: Learning is fast
2: Knowledge = learning isolated facts
3: Multitasking is possible
4: Being good at a subject depends on inborn talents

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