Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Student Tweets about AP Psychology

At the 2011 NCSS convention in Wasington , D.C., Kristin Whitlock, Steve Jones and I got to talk with teachers about the use of this blog. Steve did the heavy lifting on the presentation (thanks again Steve!), and Kristin and I chimed in about our experiences. One of the topics was how we use Twitter.

I was very skeptical about Twitter at first, but it's turned into my most important way to hear from my "personal learning network." I started by finding a colleague who I admire and trust, and I "followed" several folks he was following, and then it steamrolled from there. It doesn't take me very long to scan my "feed" every day, and I always walk away with a few great articles/ideas.

In case you didn't know, Steve maintains a twitter feed for items related to this blog at @highschoolpsych

Charlie Blair-Broeker attended this session and shared a great "data collection" he's done related to Twitter. Charlie used the search features in twitter to gather student comments about AP Psychology, and they are interesting, funny, sometimes perplexing, but always revealing. You should be able to access the links below to .ppt slides Charlie put together (thanks Charlie! Please add a comment if I forgot anything?)

posted by Rob McEntarffer (with generous help from Charlie Blair-Broeker)

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Kilgallon said...

This is an excellent post! My students and my sister (who is 16) seem to all of a sudden be so fascinated by Twitter! As a huge Twitter fan (you will see from my upcoming guest post), what a great way for us to know what students say about psych. #downwithdopamine was a great hashtag!

Heather (@irishteach)