Friday, March 30, 2012

An Assignment to Obtain Examples & Enhance Vocabulary

One of the most difficult things is to help students learn different examples and how they connect to specific vocabulary terms.  As part of that, our school has been focusing on "academic vocabulary" and using books such as Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Communities at Work, Building Academic Vocabulary: Teacher's Manual, and Inside Words.  We use these books are references for tools for creating assignments that help us modify our instruction to help our students who do not necessarily grow up reading and who are likely not reading at their own grade level.  While I do not have that as a big problem in my psych classes, it is definitely there in my government classes.

So to help compensate for those two ideas, I have created this assignment using the 40 or so introductory psych texts that I have been able to obtain over the years.  Let me know how you would modify it--I am always looking to improve.
My sample graphic using the term "cult."  I drew it on MS Paint and inserted it into a sample term as an illustration.

The original document can be downloaded from this link:
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