Sunday, March 11, 2012

Australian Psychology Teachers

They read us in OZ!  I was recently contacted by an Australian colleague, Penny Collins, a psychology instructor,  fellow blogger and organizer of psychology teachers in South Australia.  Thanks to Penny for reaching out and sharing her expertise.  Cheers!

Take a few minutes and check out their resources.  They have a different structure for their courses within their national system (Stage 1 and Stage 2 as well as year 10, year 11, etc.), and their resources are definitely worth checking out.

South Australian Psychology Teachers Site

The SACE Resource Page has THSP as their number one source--thank you so much for the share Penny!

Another way to download YouTube videos

Their 2012 Conference featuring information on adolescent mental health by Professor Tracy Wade

posted by Chuck Schallhorn


anything said...

Don't you worry mate! There are plenty of us Aussie Psych teachers following you down here! Your blog is on my iGoogle front page and checked every day. Thanks for your great work. By the way, say gidday to Barry (Obama) for us.

Rob Mc said...

I nominate that comment for the "most charming thing ever said on this blog" award. (Thanks "Anything!")