Thursday, March 1, 2012

Downloading Video Files From Internet Sources; CatchVideo

We have posted in the past sites that help you save video files from and other video sites.  The site below does the same thing, but allows you to choose the format you'd like to save it in, whether you are a Mac or a PC user.  Very cool tool for you to back up all those videos you love but seem to disappear when you try to show them in class.

You can also convert to .mp3 files

A video I may want to download:
Copy the URL and go to CatchVideo.Net

Let the Java Program run on your computer.

Choose your preferred format and download to the folder of your choice on your computer.

As with all computer data, be sure to back it up--frequently!

posted by Chuck Schallhorn


Melissa Harwin said...

Do you use ppt? I downloaded to mp4 a short video I liked, and am trying to put into ppt, which seems to be working but then when I play to test it out it is freezing up? Do you recommend a certain format? Is it best not to do it from ppt? What do you think?

Melissa Harwin

Chuck Schallhorn said...

A couple of issues. Are you using a Mac or a PC. It may be a RAM issue with the freezing. Perhaps you may not have enough RAM to run both PPT and the video, especially if the vid file is really large. Rather than running it within PPT, I'd try linking to the file itself and opening the other program--I will do this with web pages I link to within PPT.

To embed the video file within PPT, you must keep the two files in the same folder to keep the link alive and functional.

Try experimenting with the ,flv format to see if you experience the same issues.

Melissa Harwin said...

PC- I ended up converting MP4 to AVI online. That ended up working better! :)! Yea, I embedded it in ppt, thanks.

Melissa Harwin said...

If interested this is what I used for conversions to AVI:

It seems to be able to convert a
bunch of stuff online and works well.