Friday, April 20, 2012

"Big Reward for your Teaching Strategies"

Patrick Mattimore taught high school psychology for 13 years and many of us knew him through his well-written emails and contributions to various high school psychology conversation. He moved on from teaching to get more involved in writing about education in general, and recently he and Jay Mathews issued an interesting challenge/contest in the Washington Post.

In a column called "Big Reward for your Teaching Strategies", Patrick and Jay Mathews invited teachers to "send in effective teaching strategies" and they would publicize strategies that seem effective/provocative/useful.  Since Patrick is a former psychology teacher, I bet he would love for our community to participate!

I suspect I don't agree with Patrick (or Mr. Mathews) about many current educational issues (Patrick and I had many LIVELY discussions when we attended the Nebraska Wesleyan Psychology Institute together), and I think that disagreement is productive. I value their thoughtful arguments about education issues, and I love that they are inviting teachers to submit their creative ideas.

Ideas can be submitted via email to and with “teaching strategy” in the subject line. Let's get them some good ideas! I'm trying to figure out what to send in ...

(One more thought: After the AP exam, maybe AP Psych students would like to list "best lessons" from your AP Psychology class and choose something to submit? That way the class could share in the glory!)

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