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Social Psychology Examples Worksheet

I just finished up the social psych unit in my regular psychology class and was encouraged by my kids' ability to get the answers to the examples below.

Here is the link to where the .docx activity is located.  Obviously, it will be different depending upon which text you use.  As it turns out, not all of them are the same :)

I exclude a key on purpose.  I believe that figuring out the answer on our own helps us understand the concepts better.  I also like to see how the kids work their way through understanding an example to see if the example properly builds to a particular concept.

***Addendum--I made and added a key after an impassioned email about possible errors that people may make.  Thanks for the push :)

Picture credit to, a great site to go to for humor as it relates to psychology and human behavior.

Most Appropriate Term
The cognitive component of group antagonism

The affective component of group antagonism

The behavioral component of group antagonism

What is the name of the Jane Elliott study?

“He’s hot!”  What factor in attraction does this illustrate?

“I’ve never fallen in love with someone I’ve never met.”  What factor in attraction does this illustrate?

“We’ve got so much in common.  I feel like I’m looking at the female version of me!”  What factor in attraction does this illustrate?

If someone is “not like us” and is successful, we are most likely to give him/her what kind of attribution?

A classmate asks us for help on one math problem.  The next thing we realize, we are helping him/her with every problem on the homework.

A teacher treats you as though you are an idiot because of an older sibling.  You start performing poorly even though you are a good student and are quite bright.  What concept does this illustrate?

When running at practice, you hate sprinting.  But by the end of practice, you convince yourself that it helped.  What concepts does this illustrate? 2x

When a brown-haired girl who hangs out with blonde-haired girls dyes her hair blond.  What concept does this illustrate?

When you run with slow people, you tend to run at a slower pace than your normal one and run at a faster pace than normal when you run with fast people.  What concept does this illustrate?

You see a person on the news who is similar to you (ethnicity, age, etc.) who is accused of beating his/her child.  You think, “it must have been the child’s fault.”  But if it had been a person not like you, you would have thought it was the parent’s responsibility.  What concept does this illustrate?

You were with a group of friends who are attending a football game.  Suddenly, someone from the other team hits your team’s player out of bounds, the crowd goes wild and everyone (including you) jumps into the melee.  People are doing things they normally would not.  What concept does this illustrate?

When with one group of friends, Mary smokes, but when with another group of friends, she never lights up.  What concept does this illustrate?

In one of your homework assignments, the teacher asked you to “write your name here.”  By doing so, what concept were you following? (term with **)

The people I hang with are cool.  We do all our homework, compete for the highest grades, play sudoku, listen to emo music, wear all black Hollister clothes, throw gang signs, shave half our heads, and make up strange stories about taking over the world.  Everyone else is an idiot.  This is an example of what?

The Zimbardo prison study dealt with the issue of the importance of and the power of ___________________.

Joe finds Cindy fascinating.  She listens to similar music, has been to many of the same places, and is quite a talented guitar player.  He also gets funny feelings when he is around her that he cannot explain.  He is feeling ________________________________.

Talking with friends and/or loved ones about what is going on in your life—your concerns and problems.  What concept does this illustrate?

Chuy hates the relationship that he is in, but convinces himself that he will not give up on something he has worked so hard for.  What concept does this illustrate?

When smart people, working together in groups, make really stupid decisions because no one was questioning each other.  This illustrates which concept?

A classmate is a Detroit Tigers fan.  He has bragged about their recent baseball success, especially with their sweep of the A’s.  You treat him poorly as a result of your not agreeing with his team of choice.  You won’t let him play in any of your reindeer games because he is “not like the rest of us.”  This best illustrates which concept?

Adolf is a stern, organized, harsh father who insists that his children dress a certain way, act a certain way and do not disobey him.  What kind of personality will his children likely have?

I am treasurer of my club and am very important to the club.  I run the finances and take care of all things related to money.  I am respected in my position.  This best illustrates which concept?

When I am in any class, the teacher or the substitute is the boss.  I follow their instructions because they are the authority figure.  This best illustrates which concept?

I would like to become like the “Plastics” in my school.  They are so popular and well-liked.  I use their slang, dress like them, and join the same groups as they join.  This best illustrates which concept?

When Jim was a freshman at college, he missed home and felt unsure about where his life was going.  He met some really cool people who gave him unconditional acceptance into their group.  He stopped going to classes and began telling other people about the wonderful teachings of this group.  Jim has probably been ________________________________________.

Earl regularly tells his friends that he hates “those people.”  He claims that they are lazy and that they are taking over his neighborhood.  Jim is experiencing what concept?

When the hippies of the 1960’s counterculture were rejecting the ways of their parents, they went off and did the same things as nearly everyone else in their group—they bathed irregularly, they smoked pot, the took LSD, and all listened to the same music as each other.  They were “guilty” of which idea?

Julie and Johnny were dating for over a year until Johnny had to move away to college.  They had kept the relationship going for several months into the new school year.  However, Johnny kept seeing this new girl in one of his classes and was put into a study group with her for class.  He could not help it, but felt very attracted to her.  He then decided to break up with his girlfriend rather than cheat on her.  Which factor of interpersonal attraction did he fall prey to?

“I really dislike people who are not in my culture—they bug me.”  Which concept does this illustrate?


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