Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Support David Myers and the hearing loop movement

If you teach psychology, and particularly high school psychology, you are no doubt very familiar with David Myers. Even if you don't use one of his textbooks, you know the name and the dedication and support he has given to high school psychology teachers. I have used his books for years and on the first day of my classes I always introduce him to the students as if he is my co-instructor. Throughout the year I always select passages written by Myers from the text and ask students to comment and reflect on the passage - it's not "what does this term or concept mean for the AP test," but rather "how is David Myers getting us to think in new ways about this term or concept."

One of my favorite moments every year is on Day Two, when students come in and we talk about the content they read the previous night. And every year the same thing happens: without my prompting, a student will say "You know, I really enjoyed reading last night. It was like the author was talking to me." This, of course, is followed by a collective nodding of heads and yeah-me-toos all around the classroom.

So when I heard about the project above it was a no-brainer: could I support a movement that David Myers was behind that was a terrific way to blend psychology with social action? Definitely. I would encourage you all to visit the Oticon page to vote for David Myers.

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