Wednesday, February 27, 2013

THSP Surpasses One Million Views

The Teaching High School Psychology Blog is four years old--we began in February of 2009 with just three of us blogging.  We've added several members to the team and continue to grow.  We've posted 876 blog entries.  Our regular contributors have included:

  • Steve Jones
  • Kent Korek
  • Chuck Schallhorn
  • Rob McEntarffer
  • Kirstin Whitlock
  • Nancy Diehl

along with several guest bloggers

Sometime in the past month, this blog went over the one million views mark.  That represents the number of pages on this blog that someone has viewed.

To our readers and contributors, the team of bloggers here gives you our profound thanks.  We strive to share relevant and quality ideas and teaching resources.

posted by Chuck


Jonathan Firth said...

Congratulations, well done!

Keep it up :)

Mary Kopale said...

Congratulations! Your passion for HS Psych is evident - and very appreciated. Thank you!

sschullo said...

Nice Job Friends! Your blog has been immensely helpful many times and truly appreciated!

David Duez said...

Great site. It has helped me tremendously over the past two years as I have begun teaching AP Psychology. Thanks!

Mrs. Amy Ramponi said...

Nice! What a huge accomplishment!