Friday, February 1, 2013

Blindness From a Kid's Perspective

A colleague shared this video with the staff--it features students from a variety of backgrounds who are visually-impaired or blind (one of whom goes to our school).  They describe their experiences regarding vision and interactions with others.  As is often the case, these kids provide excellent insight and wisdom into their physical differences and existences.  Comments included topics such as feeling left out, asking questions in class, personal experiences with surgery, physical differences that the kids have, causes of blindness, bullying, capabilities, friendships, life at home, expectations from parents and teachers, friendships, integrating into regular school life, and much more.

The entire episode is 22 minutes, but worth viewing.  The source is "Nick News" on the Nickelodeon Channel. is the direct link to the page.

Nick News: "Out of Sight"
We get to know some of the approximately 60,000 US kids who tackle the challenge of living without sight every day, every moment.

Nick News: "Out of Sight" S1
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