Thursday, January 31, 2013

NY Times Articles: Myths of Weight Loss, Alzheimers, and DSM V

Several articles on the NY Times website may be of interest.

MYTHS OF WEIGHTLOSS: This, from the wellblog describes an article published in one of the world's most well-respected medical journals, the New England Journal of medicine identifying several weight loss myths.  Its a quick read, with a  useful reminders to students about research design and the potential pitfalls when publishers don't remember correlation does not prove causation.

ANTICIPATING ALZHEIMERS and MEMORY LOSS: Waiting for the Forgetting to Begin, also a well-blog article describing degenerative process of memory loss in a neurologist, whose father had Alzheimers, is a powerful and interesting article that makes me interested in reading the authors book, publication date 2013. 

In follow-up to Kristin's posting about DSM V, there are also articles discussing the changes in grief and explaining mild neurocognitive disorder.

If you don't already subscribe, the SCIENCE TIMES podcast is great to add to your list of things to listen when you have a moment....

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