Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Research Methods Graphic Organizers

The good folks at the Society for the Teaching of Psychology posted an interesting new resource recently: A series of Graphic Organizers for the Research Methods unit. I think they are really well done: clear and comprehensive, and they might help some students figure out how all the disparate concepts/terms in the methods chapter "go together."

The graphic organizers include: Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics (with a cool "decision tree!), and Research Methods in Psychological Science. Alexis Grosofsky from Beloit College put these together (thanks Alexis!)

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A selection of the best writing coming out of C├ęgep Champlain-St.Lawrence. said...


This is the usual way of presenting research methods in psychology and I think it is wrong because it confuses measurement and design. In our school, we use Bouma (The Research Process, OUP) to teach research methods. He presents measurements (observation, interviews and questionnaires, examining records and publications) and designs (case study, comparison study, longitudinal study, longitudinal comparison study, experiment) separately. You can cross the two and almost every combination is possible.