Friday, January 22, 2010

Psych Test Prep Tools from The Psych Files

Back in early May we told you about a new reviewing technique Michael A. Britt, host of The Psych Files podcast (, was developing called MAPPR or Make a Personal Psychology Review. In a MAPPR, Michael combines a concept map with audio explanations for each idea presented.

Since May, Michael has changed the MAPPR name to "The Psych Test Prep Tool" and created a number of new tools including two for the personality unit. All of the Psych Test Prep Tools can be found at


Rob Mc said...

Wow! This is fascinating Michael - excellent work! I'd love to hear from teachers who use this with students.

mbritt said...

Thanks Rob and thanks to Kent for featuring the study tool here on the blog. I've been working on Test Prep app for while now and received some good feedback so I hope students and teachers will find it helpful.

Thanks again! - Michael