Sunday, January 24, 2010

Schemas--a great demo

I posted this recently on the AP Psych Listserv:

Schemas are a core concept that I have in all my psych classes--they are the key idea around which I create everything else (except biology).  I use the Drew Appleby Demo on Déjà vu, not for that concept, but for the creation of a false memory based upon our schemas.  The PPT I use is here:

Description of the activity I give I created for a textbook video lessons project and can be found on YouTube here:

The debriefing is here:

The demo has worked perfectly for the past 15+ years.  Feel free to use and adapt.

For an assimilation example, I use "Monster's Inc." and the little girl "Boo" who calls Sully a "kitty."  He's obviously a monster to us, but she does not yet have that in her schema, so she uses what she has available already--furry, with ears, four legs and a tail means "kitty."  So far as I could tell, she never accommodated the idea of monster with Sully--she only had that with Randall.  She distinguished the two.


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Kevin Suess said...

This is great! I'm going to use this tomorrow in class. It fits perfectly with what I have done with schemas in the past.

Another good clip to use related to schema is the film Bambi. The part that works great is where Bambi is being taught by Thumper about birds, butterflies, and flowers.

Thanks for sharing!